Last week I asked my friends, other wedding suppliers to share their experience with regard to professional photos and how having or not having them affects their businesses. Michelle from Michelle G Makeup Artist has written how it is and I couldn’t agree more!

I enjoy, laugh, cry on  social media , I share the odd family mobile photos, most of the time, the photos are blurry or have the Iphone filters on them.  I see a lot of mobile phone pictures on social media, even businesses posting via mobile phone, and i can’t help but wonder why! It does take A LOT  more than a passing glance at a web page or a social media full of mobile phone pictures to truly understand who you like. As a business on social media I always try and project professionalism the best way I feel  is with professional pictures over mobile phone pictures, every time!

In my line of work it is paramount the client sees the true potential and talent of an “Artist” when painting faces,  you are fairly sure you know what you will be getting. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously, without the professional photographs? Moreover, this shows your work off to a higher standard, you are also the shop window, so looking smart on every professional photograph is hugely important if you want people to take you seriously.  We all need to stand out right? Professional photographers really know their stuff when it comes to lighting, what makes for a good shot and how best to achieve the perfect image. How best to show off your work “professionally” for makeup there are so many lighting accessories, the market is saturated and its any wonder the amateurs or non photographers get it so wrong, but oddly potential clients think it’s reality. However, lets not get away from the fact that these lights blow everything out on the pictures especially on a mobile phone. We are all in search of the perfect selfie but we are all not professional photographers right?

It so important to remember that people are people and social media is virtual reality always has been and always will be. Don’t judge a business or someone by social media and their mobile phone uploads, judge them by the professional ones.

Professional photos by Marta May Photography