PROFESSIONAL IMAGES – Tabitha MacCurrach-Paine, Hair Stylist

Professional Images are such an important part of every marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter if your business is ten years old or you are just starting out. Your new customers need to see the beautiful images. People buy using their eyes. Today we have the lovely Tabby telling us her story, enjoy!

“I relocated to Herefordshire 3.5 years ago and with that move came some changes to my business as a Freelance Hair Stylist. With a 9 month old baby at the time, I decided to solely focus on the ‘Bridal Styling’ service that I offered and went about making changes to my Website and online presence to reflect this.

Professional Images of my Styling were key in helping execute a seamless transition from hanging up my scissors and now mostly wielding a teasing brush and working with a lot of Fresh Flowers! Being able to share professional images in my portfolio is one step in giving Brides the confidence in my work to reach out to me and make an enquiry. Marta and I have continued to cross paths in our line of work and I have been thrilled that my Brides have been happy to share their memories with me to be able to share with others. Using Professional Images depicts a sense of integrity and creditability – your work captured for all to see and clearly a great working relationship with your Couples and their photographer too.

A of couple of busy years in (and another baby in my arms) and some ‘Highly Commended’ accolades within the Wedding Industry Awards, I can safely say that being able to work alongside Professionals like Marta and showcase my work depicted in her professional images to prospective Brides (and Judges) has certainly been a huge part of my journey to finding my feet in Herefordshire and the West Midlands.”

Thank you Tabby! Always a pleasure to work with you! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story with us!

Tabby is an amazing hair stylist, you just have to check her website – Tabitha MacCurrach-Paine. If you’re interested in having some professional images taken for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be really happy to help. If you want to read more about the benefits of commercial photography for your business, make sure you visit our blog.