Professional Imagery for a small independent business.

About the photographers

We are personal branding photographers based in Hereford, UK. Having a selection of professional imagery telling a story about you and your business is so important at the moment. We all live in a digital world and if we don’t show up on social media, our businesses won’t get noticed. In order to be visible, we all need professional photos and videos.

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You’re the face of your business

If you are a small, independent business, you need to make sure that you are visible. You are the face of your business, so tell your audience something about yourself and why you do what you do. We have had a pleasure of working with many amazing independent businesses and Jane Grayer at Create Ceremonies is one of them. Her work is truly unique and inspirational. Do you want to find out what she does?

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Unique business – Create Ceremonies

“My name is Jane Grayer and I’m an Independent or Civil Celebrant, which is a title which a lot of people aren’t familiar with. Basically, I’m the person who stands at the front on your wedding day and conducts the ceremony but actually I do a lot more than that! I create unique ceremonies for couples and families which share their story, their beliefs, their feelings and include all of the parts of their personalities which make them unique.

I share my experience and knowledge of different rituals and ceremonies with couples so that they can chose things which connect with them, and then I incorporate them into their special days in a totally personal way. No two couples are ever the same, and so no two ceremonies should be the same. Everything I create is written from scratch for and about that couple. I also work with them to create personal vows, which are meaningful and heartfelt and entirely theirs”

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The importance of professional imagery

“I find fantastic professional action shot photographs of real wedding ceremonies invaluable to illustrate some of the rituals that people are less familiar with, as they capture the emotion and meaning of that moment. The photos I chose to share on my website and social media platforms draw people in to read the words I write – which not only show my personality but also demonstrate my skills to prospective clients – they compliment my work.

I believe that people make decisions about me based on the photos they see of me so its really important that they accurately reflect my personality as well as the mood and feeling of the day. Whether it’s a traditional wedding with a Unity Candle Ceremony (see photo), an outdoor handfasting at a castle, a Steampunk ceremony the photos capture those very special moments, and reflect my work perfectly.”

create ceremonies personal branding

Personal branding photography

This genre of photography is relatively new on the UK market. Imagine having a whole bank of on brand images that you could share on your website and social media every single day. Professional imagery increases confidence and helps you make more money. You are the face of your business. Let me know if you need some fresh on brand images. Let’s cooperate!

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