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We are personal brand photography experts based in Hereford, West Midlands. Our brand photography is all about telling the story of a particular business. To Le Glow Beautiful Brides commercial photography is really important.

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The importance of personal brand photography

When I asked Le Glow about what they think about professional photography, this is what they said.

I have been a bridal make up artist for over twenty five years and I admit, I am still learning! I strongly believe that make up artistry can only become successful by putting in the hours. Likewise, a professionally trained photographer has learned their trade over many years. This doesn’t happen by accident, or because they fancied taking some nice photos! Choosing your wedding photographer are of paramount importance when planning your wedding.

personal brand photography Hereford

Go for a quality service

Your photographs, and the way you look in them, will be with you long after the day is over, and you don’t get a second chance to record the magic of this special day and capture every last detail, even some you may have missed yourself. Weddings may be expensive but you are investing in your “forever” look! My best advice would be to do your homework, and ask for recommendations when choosing.

The difference between amateur and professional images

Being able to give a bride amazing hair and make up is a true skill. Another completely different, but equally vital, skill is to be able to capture those looks in a photograph. I do like to use some of the images I have taken with my own camera (not a telephone, and I have picked up a few tips from some of the amazing photographers I have worked with over the years) but I am overjoyed when I get professional images from the photographer.

personal brand photography Hereford


If the picture does not do the subject justice, the viewer will think this is your ability level, so it is always better to use professional photographs on your website or portfolio. Images are your biggest advert, they sell your work and your style. I always credit the photographers name as a courtesy when I use their photographs on the internet.

Le Glow Beautiful Brides commercial photography – examples. Below you will find the photos from our Marie Antoinette styled shoot as well as some photos from real weddings.

Looking for your brand photographer?

If you are a wedding supplier, commercial photography is a really important part of your marketing. Just like Le Glow said – “Images are your biggest advert, they sell your work and your style”. This is so true! If you are looking for your perfect makeup artist, make sure you visit Le Glow Beautiful Brides’ website – they are amazing!