Brand Photographers Hereford

We are professional photographers and brand photography experts based in Hereford, West Midlands. We help businesses achieve the professional look by planning and photographing their shoot and creating a bank of beautiful on brand images for them. Commercial product photography is key if you are selling your products online.

commercial product photography Hereford

Is professional photography important?

How important is professional photography for your new business? I would say it is crucial. When you think about your new website and what pictures to use, the word ‘professional and on brand” should automatically spring to your mind. People eat and also buy with their eyes, so make sure images of your products are perfect.

commercial product photography Hereford

“Professional photos – an asset for my business”

I met the lovely Jennifer of Jennifer Edwards Cakes at a wedding. She was a bridesmaid and this awesome friend who also prepared the most beautiful cake for the bride and groom. This is what she said about the importance of professional photography for her business:

“I am proud to have founded Jennifer Edwards Cakes, and am delighted to be making bespoke, luxury wedding and celebration cakes for customers across the West Midlands. Marta took some stunning photographs of my wedding cakes and macarons, which have proven to be a fantastic asset to my business.

weddign cake Hereford

Successful marketing and on brand images

Having such high quality professional photographs to showcase my work on my website has been a huge help in successfully marketing Jennifer Edwards Cakes. I am delighted that these professional photographs really do my cake designs justice, and show my customers the quality of products that I offer.

wedding cake Hereford

Kind words about our brand photography

I can wholeheartedly recommend Marta May for her product photography; not only does she take stunning photographs which perfectly capture the quality and style of the product, but she is also a joy to work with!”

wedding cake Hereford

Are you looking for your brand photographer?

Commercial product photography is something we are really passionate about. In addition to product photos, we want to capture the NATURE and the CHARACTER of each business. The behind the scenes shots, the real moments, action photos, the service, the packing and the unpacking moment, are just the best for marketing.