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We are personal brand photographers based in Hereford, UK. We help our clients be more present online by creating a bank of beautiful on brand images for their businesses. Every business is unique and brand photos should portray that uniqueness. Action shots commercial photography is necessary when you are a magician.

people's reactions to magicmagician action shots commercial photographypeople's reactions to magic

Branding photography for a magician

If you are a magician, action shots commercial photography is necessary for your business. When I asked Christian Fletcher Magician about photography and action shots of his performance, this is what he said:

“The afternoon drinks reception can be tricky (pardon the pun!) if not planned correctly. The happy couple have been whisked away by the photographer for their romantic photos, whilst the rest of the guests are left with nothing more than a few canapés and some background music to keep them going for an hour or two.

people's reactions to magicpeople's reactions to magic

Professional photos are key

The last thing anybody wants is a boring wedding. It makes perfect sense to book entertainment for the guests during this time to stop the atmosphere from dropping. My role as a magician is not just to perform magic tricks, but more to ensure that the guests have an unforgettable experience. Without professional photos, it’s fair to say that my business simply could not survive.”

people's reactions to magicmagician action shots commercial photography

Capturing the reactions

“A good photographer might take pictures of me. A great photographer like Marta won’t take pictures of me, but will instead capture the guests reacting to what I’m doing. The moment of shock, amazement, wonder and enjoyment that can only be captured with the right shutter speed and aperture that you just can’t get on a smartphone. A guest may pull a facial expression that may only last half a second, but Marta knows exactly when it’s going to happen and can capture it effortlessly.

magician action shots commercial photographymagician action shots commercial photography

Good branding photos tell the story

Thanks to some awesome photos, I can show future clients exactly what I bring to a wedding, and what they can experience on their special day. Marta’s photographs of my performance can show clients that magic is cool and contemporary, and there isn’t a rabbit in hat in sight! It’s such a relief when I arrive at a wedding to find out Marta is the photographer, as I know that the couple are going to get plenty of photos of the guests enjoying themselves and remember the day as a fun one.”

people's reactions to magicmagician action shots

Looking for a brand photographer?

Thank you Christian for your kind words! That means a lot to us. We always try to shoot how it feels like and not how it looks like. We focus on people’s expressions and on the action because that’s what storytelling is about. If you are planning a wedding, check Christian Fletcher Magic website, he is truly awesome! If you are looking for action shots commercial photography for your business, have a chat with us. Maybe you’re interested in event photography or just want to get the professional images for your business? We are always happy to help.