Hilary Read is really passionate about her job and she now shares her knowledge and experience through her hair coaching workshops. She is an expert so if you are interested in hair styling, you know what to do. Check out Hilary’s website for more information and join her masterclass. It was a pleasure to do some branding photography for her, thanks for having me! Today Hilary is going to tell us about her dream job. Over to you, Hilary!

What really happens when you find the perfect job for you? That one job that feels like an extension of yourself? I can only speak from personal experience, but once I found it, it felt like it wasn’t really “work” anymore! Hilary Read Bridal Hair and Makeup is my perfection, extension and passion. I have spent 14 years building up my business from recommendations and word of mouth and just simply getting yourself out there!
The journey began simply with hair styling, practising and perfecting techniques and styles; 8 years ago I expanded my skill set by investing in the airbrush make up system. This has resulted in 95% of brides choosing this option for their big day due to the longevity, natural feel, tear and heatproof qualities it provides. Do not get me wrong, running your own business takes a lot of energy and time, but the rewards are well worth it! Being able to style brides from all over the world for their special wedding day is a huge responsibility and an utter privilege. There is nothing more rewarding than creating the style and make up on the day, and seeing that through the lens of the photographer who creates those forever memories and follows the whole day from start to finish! Those memories never fade and for me to be a part of it is what makes everything worthwhile.

I launched a new workshop venture this year as an additional limb to the service that I offer. During the workshops, I have met many talented individuals and passed on my experience and skills. I was very lucky to have Marta May come to one of the workshops to take some photographs for advertising on my website. The shots were perfect and I would recommend Marta May to anyone requiring advertising or branding shoots!

You can learn more about the services I offer on Thanks for reading! Hilary

Please let me know if you are thinking of some branding photography for your business. We are here to help. Every business is unique and does something a bit different. If you are looking for some action shots for your business, take a look at the sample action shots commercial photography here.

Photos by Marta May Photography